Third Thursdays in the Sacramento Room  [October]

Third Thursdays in the Sacramento Room

Thursday, October 19 at the Central Library 

828 I Street, 12 Noon

Mary Zeppa and Lawrence Dinkins host

Mr. Macklin draws the shade 

And lights the candle in Jack’s skull. 

Then all the inside dark is made 

As spooky and as horrorful 

As Halloween..

–David McCord 

October is

when you can be ghost,

            a witch,

                        a creature from outer space…

almost anything!

And the neighbors, fearing tricks,

            give you treats.

—Bobbi Katz

October: the month in which Spooky!  Eerie!  Ghostly!  Weird!  Scary! and Spine-chilling! are exclamations of praise. On October 19, bring your favorite poems (preferably by a writer other than yourself) evoking, exploring, embodying or embracing some aspect of the spooky, the eerie or the spine-chilling.  Or! Bring poems elucidating, illuminating or epitomizing some aspect of “tricks” or “treats”. Cast your net wide.  Think metaphorically as well as literally..  Let your mind (and your senses) run free. 

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