Stan Padilla ||| Monday, December 12 @ 7:30 pm ||| SPC 1719 25th St FREE ADMISSION – Open Mic

                                     Stan Padilla

                                                             Hosted by Emmanuel Sigaukestan-padillascreen-shot-2016-12-07-at-12-02-21-pm


As clouds on the horizon
forms come and go and they come again.
Seasons come and go and the rhythms and
cycles of nature hide the ancient
treasures of the past and give them
life on a new horizon.

The luminous constellations of the past
disappear and come again embodied in
new forms.
The ancient symbols etched in stone record this truth.

The source is the Creator,
an infinite being, and is the essence
and the potential of all living forms.
In its purity it is self-existent and
carries the universe in all
dimensions and all directions.
Its breath gave light to the darkness
releasing into each thing unfolding motion,
So that the  circle of life would be unbroken.

Above us all is the long living
spirit of the sun,
whose glowing strands weave us together
generation after generation..                  

This journey of earth, seed and stone
is easier with the secret understanding
that when the time is right all things
are released from their hidden places
and brought to the light of day.


The seed is for planting in this season,
it is for those who will breathe the fragrance
of a future flowering.
The seed must be cared for,
it must be planted in the heartbeat of warmth,
it will germinate with the liquidity of our intentions.
When this is done in the circle of each generation,
the wheel of light will be complete.


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