Rob Lozano, Stan Bilgomitz and Litany

Rob Lozano, Stan Bilgomitz and LITANY

Monday, July 21 at 7:00 PM
Fremont Park, between 15th and 16th and P and Q
Host: Rebecca Morrison

Rob Lozano was born in Quezon City, Philippines, edificated at University of Utah, with a BS in Anthropology.  He cawwed poems as a crow and was very active in the Sacto. poetry scene through the 90’s as Editor/Publisher of ‘Say Yes’ magazine and small press published books of poems for Gene Bloom and B.L. Kennedy and several other broadsides for poets gone and traveled and having hosted the first poetry slams in Sacto in 96’and 97′.   He’s been on radio and heard and seen on video and live from Sacramento to Yosemite to Fresno to San Francisco and Chico.  He was part of ZRAIL artist collective with Vincent Kobelt, Mario Ellis Hill, Phil Goldvarg, Samuel Iniguez, Yaya Porras, Angelo Williams, Guy Ollison and a number of other gifted freestyle ‘anti-injustice’ poetic terrorists.  His latest interest in Antonin Artaud is lodged solidly in the sense that as Nietzsche wrote of the death of God, Artaud wrote of the death of poetry.  Rob Lozano’s collaborations with Gilberto Rodriguez call attention, through Artaud and his doppelgangers, how psychologically emasculated poetry has become in this society resulting in the banalification of the mythic and authentic quality of poetry into a mere conceptual and easily digested palatable anti-poetic pablum.  Fortunately where there is the demise of one, perhaps an always already authentically new ancient poetry’ will arise. Rob Lozano’s first & only booklet is called, “I Am That I’m Not” by Little M Press.  On Poetry Ryokan:  “…my poems are not poems, when you understand my poems are not poems, then we can talk of poetry…”

Stan Bilgomotz has been a spoken word and performance artist since the Mid-90’s. His work blends political and social themes with an often darkly comical and whimsically dreamlike delivery that is likely to arouse the questioning of one’s own values as well as a fearful yet giggling utter confusion within the minds of anyone in the audience who happen to be paying attention. He’s performed in a variety of venues throughout California. And while being both a disturbing and influential presence in any scene he’s partaken in, he’s never published nor attempted to publish any of his work. He’s been active on Davis Media Access, and a performance of one of his pieces, “Violence” was captured on film and shown at Theatre Artaud in San Francisco. He currently refuses to acknowledge the fact that he resides anywhere in particular.



Litany is a three-piece band from Sacramento which performs both electric and acoustic sets of progressive rock and folk.  They have played such Sacramento venues as Fox & Goose Pub, Naked Lounge, Capitol Garage, The Distillery, Luna’s, Shine, Butch ‘n’ Nellie’s, Cesar Chavez Park, and the Sacramento Pride Festival, as well as numerous local Second Saturday events, poetry readings, and open mics. The trio consists of Bob Wilson (guitar, bass, & mandolin), Chene Watson (drums & percussion), and Miles Miniaci (keyboards), all whom share singing and songwriting duties.

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