Tule Review Submission Guidelines



Tule Review welcomes all styles of poetry.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Always review and follow our current submission guidelines.  With each issue, we strive to improve our submission and selection procedures, and we modify our guidelines accordingly. Current guidelines are available on our website and on Submittable, our on-line submissions manager.

Following our guidelines guarantees that we will read and carefully consider your submission. There is no such guarantee for those failing to comply. We try to be accommodating in many ways, but our all-volunteer staff is unable to spend time returning and re-soliciting non-compliant submissions.


Scroll below for a checklist you can use to ensure your submission complies with the guidelines.


Submission Guidelines applicable to the 2014 issue of Tule Review 

There is currently no reading fee.

For an idea of what we have published, check a back issue or go to our website, http://tulereview.com

We’re an eclectic publication and have published all sorts of poetry, so don’t let your individual style stop you from submitting.

Our reading period is on a rolling basis, so that poems may be submitted at any time during the year.

The deadline (or cutoff date) for any year’s issue is April 30.


ATTENTION!  In an effort to promote fairness and avoid bias, the editorial staff is adopting a blind submission procedure. This is a departure from prior practice, and makes it all the more important that your submission meet the following requirements.

  • Submit your work via Submittable,* an on-line submission manager in use by many publications.  You may set up a Submittable account for free.
  • We will make acceptance and decline notifications via Submittable, so plan to check your account and/or set it up to provide you email alerts.
  • Submit no more than three poems, maximum 96 lines per poem. In general, we favor poems that will take no more than 2 pages in the finished 5″x 7″ book.
  • Include all of your submitted poems in a single file that you upload to your Submittable submission (that is, upload one file that contains all poems, do not upload two or three separate files).  Your file should be in .docx or .doc format.  Do not submit in .pdf format.
  • Do NOT include any identifying information on the single file containing your poems. We want to read poems without knowing who submitted them. We have set up the system so that it will shield your account-identifying information from us. Please, no spoilers!
  • DO include a bio in the area allowed by Submittable. Don’t include it anywhere else within your submission.
  • We do not accept previously published poems.
  • We do accept simultaneous submissions. Notify us immediately of your work’s acceptance elsewhere.

We do NOT accept submissions by direct email or US mail, unless you provide meaningful reason with your submission as to why you cannot access electronic communications (i.e. you are institutionalized and do not have internet services). Editors reserve the right to make a final decision regarding eligibility. By all means, try to submit via Submittable.com


Checklist for Tule Review Poetry Submissions