Tule Review Cover Submissions

The Sacramento Poetry Center is seeking art submissions

for the Tule Review book cover!


NOTE: The art for the Tule Review has been selected for 2014: Greg Kondos’s “River Palms” painting will be our cover.


If your submission is selected it will grace the cover of the next issue, you will be credited on the title page, and your bio will appear in the Staff Notes section.

There is currently no fee for art submissions. The deadline for cover art submissions has moved back to April 30, to be consistent with that of poetry submissions.

  • The finished book will be sized 6” wide x 9” tall, thus images with a vertical orientation are likely to be most suitable. Note, however, that the image may fully or partially wrap to the back cover and will be sized approximately 7.5” wide x 9” tall overall.
  • The SPC Logo and Tule Review book title will appear within the top 2 inches of the front cover and will therefore overlay a portion of the cover image.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit your work via Submittable,* an on-line submission manager in use by many publications. There is no fee to submit cover images to Tule Review, and you may set up a Submittable account also, at no charge.  Click here to reach Submittable.
  • Submit only your own work.  Do not submit photos or images of artwork taken or created by someone else.
  • Submit each image on a separate submittable entry.
  • Do not submit more than three images per submission period.
  • We do not accept images that have been published elsewhere as book cover art, promotional material, or the like.
  • We welcome images of all types and invite you to exercise your creativity and imagination to the fullest.   Submissions need not be Sacramento specific, nor must they have a similar feel or tone as prior cover images.
  • Initially, artists should submit their original artwork in a file (PDF or JPG or TIF) attachment.
  • If and when we notify you that your image has been selected for the book cover, we will require a second submission of the photo/artwork with resolution no smaller than 300 dpi and the size no smaller than 12.5″ x 9.5,” as we need room for editing and the bleed off the cover. The file must be a JPG, TIF, or EPS (JPG preferred).  Before submitting at all, please be sure you will be able meet this requirement.