Tule Review

Tule Review accepts poetry and cover art submissions on a rolling basis, from May 1 to April 30. The cutoff date (or deadline) to be included in the same year, for any submission of art or poetry is Midnight, April 30. Submitting is free of charge and easily available through Submittable.com


Frank Dixon Graham, Editor in Chief
Emily Wright, Associate Editor
Alex Russell, Associate Editor
Editorial Staff Readers: V.S. Chochezi, Geoff Neill, Nancy Aide Gonzalez,
Bethanie Humphreys, Emmanuel Sigauke
Copy Editors: Wendy Williams, Rhony Bhopla
Book Design: Anne Bean


Find Tule Review Poetry Submission Guidelines by clicking here.

Find Tule Review Cover Image Submission Guidelines by clicking here.

Tule Review publishes once a year. The journal showcases new writers and award winners from the region and across the nation. The staff has nominated several of its published poets for the Pushcart Prize. In 2015, the journal celebrated its twenty-second anniversary of publication. Initially, the journal was printed in newsprint and was distributed locally. Over the years, Tule grew and changed, moving from a staple-bound format to a heftier, beautifully designed, perfect-bound format, with juried art and a full color cover.

The spirit of Tule Review, however, has not changed. In 2009, under the leadership of Brad Buchanan and Tim Kahl, the Sacramento Poetry Center formed a small press, which publishes a variety of publications, including Tule Review. The press is still managed by volunteers at SPC, but Tule maintains an editorial staff and readers who see to it that the publication returns, in print, year after year.


We are one of the few publications to still offer the opportunity to submit on Submittable with no fee. So please take advantage and submit to us soon.

The deadline for cover art submissions to Midnight, April 30, to coincide with the same deadline for poetry submissions.

With added staff, Tule Review is increasing the speed at which we accept and reject poems. Readers and editors do not know the identity of those submitting and you will no longer have to wait several months to find out the status of your submission. In many cases, poems will be rejected or accepted within a month’s time of submission.  However, with thousands of poems to consider each year, submitters should know that the acceptance rate is close to five percent of all those submitted.

Tule staff is making every effort to provide a better quality publication.