Kim Addonizio
plays a Deford Bailey Medley [2:25]
plays “In New Jerusalem” [2:15]
reads “The Matter” [3:43]
“Muse” [1:04]
Carlos Alcala
reads “Los Àrboles Son Poetas”/”Trees Are Poets” [1:26]
John Amen
“Hiding” [2:44]
Portraits of Mary #12 and #13 [4:47]
Rosalie Amer
reading Mahmoud Darwish’s “Two Olive Trees” [1:26]
Frank Andrick
“I Love You, But I’ve Chosen Darkness” [2:35]
Pensées” [2:02]
Sativa, A Rose By No Other Name” [1:34]
Ed Bearden
Remembering” [2:33]
Jan Beatty
“After Being Fired from the All-Night Greek Diner” [1:29]
“A Waitress’s Instructions on Tipping” [3:55]
“I Saw One of Blake’s Angels” [4:33]
“The Phenomenology of Sex” [1:52]
“Red Sugar” [2:54]
“Shooter” [3:03]
Dan Bellm
“Sacrifice: Birdland 1954” [2:11]
“The Portal” [1:52]
Jasper Bernes
“34 Parking Lots” [7:10]
“Poem (Susan Sontag Dies So Valerie Plame Could Live)” [1:52]
James BlueWolf
“Terminal” [1:40]
Nancy Bodily
“Baptism” [1:40]
“Summer Job at Al’s Drive-In” [1:16]
Brad Buchanan
“From a Line by James Joyce” [3:02]
Jeffrey Callison
reads “The Anxious Pooh Song” by A.A. Milne [1:15]
Stuart Livingston Canton
“I Didn’t See Allen Ginsberg at the Supermarket” [4:19]
Brandon Cesmat
“Hymn of Enough” [4:19]
“Park” [4:02]
Rod Clark
“Ballade” [1:43]
Joshua Clover
“Narrating a Library Story” [8:56]
“Return To Work at the Wonder Factory” [13:44]
“Stop It With Your Strategies” [1:40]
“This is a Goodbye Kiss, You Dog [4:45]
“Years of Analysis for a Day of Synthesis” [5:37]
Julia Connor
“Inside the House of Want” [3:22]
“A Theory of Snow” [2:16]
“The Principle of a Pinhole Camera” [1:57]
Lucy Corin
“Recent Apocalypses” [8:48]
Kathryn Cowles
“Interview” [2:00]
“Requiem in Five Parts” [2:24]
“A Vision” [0:37]
James DenBoer
“Autometer” [2:56]
“On Being a Discourteous Poet” [1:54]
“Untitled [Kindling]” [0:57]
“Were You There” [2:09]
Camille Dungy
“It Is” [2:49]
“The Preachers Eat Out” [1:31]
“Requiem” [2:11]
Terry Ehret
“Cupid and Psyche in the City of Light” [3:23]
“Lost Body” [3:05]
“The World in Need of Braiding” [2:31]
“What It’s About” (with Caitlin Ehret Moe) [5:23]
Robin Ekiss
“Bones of August” [9:50]
“Elegy For My Father, Not Yet Dead” [1:13]
“First Birthday” [1:06]
“The Opposite of the Body” [2:49]
Josh Fernandez
Josh Fernandez—”Brookline, MA, Grade 2″ [0:38]
Rebecca Foust
“Crickets at Lakemont Park” [1:44]
“Perennial” [1:03]
“Water Burial” [0:41]
Dobby Gibson
“Fortune” [1:47]
“Mercy” [1:33]
“Vertical Hold” [1:41]
Daniel Grandbois
“The Breast” [0:30]
“Broccoli” [0:45]
“The Fight” [1:45]
“The Three Cranes” [1:55]
“The Yarn” [1:13]
Patrick Grizzell
“Erasing” [0:30]
Tom Goff
Left Hand [2:47]
What Scent [3:05]
Frank Graham
reading Mahmoud Darwish’s “Passport” [1:28]
Kate Greenstreet
excerpts from “56 Days” [4:36]
“The Giant Takes us Down” (pg. 33 from The Last Four Things) [1:45]
“In Calling, Get Ready” (pg. 52 from The Last Four Things) [1:12]
Matt Hart and Dobby Gibson
“Late Make-Up Years and Decline” [1:19]
Matt Hart
“History Lesson” [4:58]
“Revolutions per Minute” [1:59]
Noah “Supanova” Hayes
“Untitled Monlogue” [3:40]
Brad Henderson
“Western Movies” [1:13]
Lee Herrick
“Freedom” [1:02]
“My California” [2:31]
“Raison d’être” [3:15]
In the Tower District, Fresno [2:35]
Katherine Hohlwein
“Wise Guys” [1:13]
Chritina Hutchins
“September, Merced River” [0:56]
Dorine Jennette
“The Hornet Year” [4:51]
“Interview with the Rescue Crew” [4:05]
“In the Smithy” [1:38]
“We Lie Down at Last” [1:58]
Troy Jollimore
“The Solipsist” [2:11]
“Spam Cento” [2:50]
Tom Thomson Indoors” [1:09]
Soren Kahl
reading Mahmoud Darwish’s “Psalm Three” [0:52]
Tim Kahl
“Bear and Bull” [15:54]
“Dead Air” [3:03]
“Fecal Diagnostics” [2:38]
“Fejervary” [5:23]
“Hominid Love Letter” [4:37]
reads “It Was a Morning in September” Carlos Drummond de Andrade [4:03]
“Junk Food Weekend” (with Soren and Reiner Kahl) [4:03]
“Mail Order Doll” [3:14]
“Ronnie Boy” [1:50]
“Stigmergy” [5:13]
“The Comfort Inn” [3:16]
“The Exit Tamer” [4:59]
“The Land Of Opportunity” [8:38]
“The Little Fool” [15:42]
“The Serial Bubble” [6:25]
“Survival of the Fittest in Rio Vista” [3:44]
Susan Kelly-DeWitt
“Gatherer’s Alphabet” [4:54]
“Insomniac’s ABC” [1:41]
“Morro Bay Sketch” [1:11]
Poem to Exorcise Sorrow” [1:44]
“Salmon” [1:38]
“Tabletop Zen Garden: Eight Stones” [1:24]
“Three Nights” [1:20]
“Thumbnail Sketch” [1:31]
Jeff Knorr
“Christmas and the Love You Never Saw Coming” [3:28]
“Openings” [2:05]
Libby Kovacs
selections from Liberty’s Quest [1:40]
Penelope La Montagne
“Rufous” [1:12]
“Summer Rain” [1:23]
Meredith Laskow
“Farm Woman” [1:50]
Katy Lederer
The Heaven-Sent Leaf [1:50]
Me, A Brainworker [1:11]
Parable of Times Square [2:40]
Mari L’Esperance
“The Bush Warbler Laments to the Woodcutter” [2:15]
“Finding My Mother” [2:03]
“Grief is Deep Green” [1:52]
Julia Levine
“Poem Ending with an Unanswered Question” [1:53]
“Vigil in Cherry Season” [3:45]
“We Sit in a Bleached Rowboat” [2:12]
Art Mantecon
Introduction for James DenBoer [1:53]
Joshua McKinney
“Glory” [6:01]
“Ophidian” [1:04]
“Prayer for my Daughter” [1:06]
Michael Medrano
“Brown Being” [1:43]
“The City Outside My Ear” [0:52]
“Ode to My Self” [1:21]
“Villanelle” [1:01]
Ann Menebroker
A Variation on Impulse [1:20]
Tom Miner
reads “In the Dark” by Ben Hiatt [1:11]
Rebecca Morrison
Incandescent [4:58]
Camille Norton
The Secret Diary of William Byrd by Gertrude Stein [4:03]
William O’ Daly
reading Mahmoud Darwish’s “Drought” [2:47]
reading Pablo Neruda’s “Emptiness” [2:26]
reading Pablo Neruda’s “The Latecomer” [1:24]
reading from Pablo Neruda’s The Book of Questions [1:39]
reading Pablo Neruda’s “The Wind” [0:54]
Lori Ostlund
“All Boy” [33:12]
Sam Pierstorff
“It Just Happened” [1:04]
Connie Post
“Fire Season” [1:04]
“Bridge Collapses Into the Mississippi, STAR TRIBUNE, Aug. 1, 2007” [1:07]
D. A. Powell
“central valley” [2:32]
“courthouse steps” [4:27]
“crematorium at sierra view cemetery next to the high school” [2:38]
“hereafter” [1:17]
the kiwi comes to gridley california [1:43]
Keith Ratzlaff
“Angel in the Making” [3:41]
“Dill” [3:12]
“Turn” [5:15]
“The Strugle Between Plenty and Thankfulness” [1:16]
Carmela Ruby
reading Mahmoud Darwish’s “Here the Birds’ Journey Ends” [2:23]
Mary Rudge
“A Blessing” [2:12]
Dennis Schmitz
from “Eclogues” [1:47]
Robert Shelby
“My Dad Read a Lot” [1:17]
Gary Short
Flight or Invisibility [2:54]
Gathering [1:41]
Teaching Poettry to 3rd Graders [3:33]
Janet Smith
“A Coffee House in St. Helena, CA” [2:07]
Richard Spilman
“Monday Morning Snow” [2:29]
“The Idea of Order at Stinson Beach” [7:06]
“Memory” [1:18]
Kevin Patrick Sullivan
“Ambassador” [4:53]
“The Space Between Things” [0:55]
Gillian Wegener
Funderwood [2:31]
In a Rapidly Expanding City [1:48]
Meg Withers
reading from The Book of Denial in The Communion of Saints [7:39]
Dennis Schmitz
from “Eclogues” [1:47]
Zaid Shlah
reading from Mahmoud Darwish’s Memory For Forgetfulness [6:52]
Brian Teare
“Emerson Susquehanna” [6:44]
“Long After Hopkins” [2:05]
Brian Turner
“Ajal” [1:44]
“Discotheque” [4:20]
“Here, Bullet” [4:06]
Al Young
“Conjugal Visits” [4:13]
Matthew Zapruder
“After Reading Tu Fu, I Emerge from a Cloud of Falseness” [2:19]
“April Snow” [2:05]
“Tonight You’ll Be Able” [2:34]
Mary Zeppa
“Brussels Sprout Oglers at the Farmers Market” [1:05]
“Luminaria” [2:32]
“Too Many Jars God Knows Baby Blues” [2:49]
Stan Zumbiel
“After a Long Wait, Taking a Shit in the Modern Times Bookstore” [1:13]