Samina Ali
Madras on Rainy Days [12:42]
John Amen
Narcissism [2:24]
David Alpaugh
Deconstruction [2:42]
Losing Control of the Toad [2:18]
Sweet Nothing [3:13]
Kim Barnes
an excerpt from her memoir Hungry for the World [37:05]
Oscar Bermeo
Restoration No. 6 [1:12]
This Wednesday [1:01]
Gene Bloom
A Day at the Races [2:24]
Nickole Brown
1979 [3:46]
Rick Campbell
Imaginary Numbers [3:30]
Verbs for Armadillos[4:01]
Brandon Cesmat
Ice Drum [3:01]
Lightning, All Directions [1:19]
Song of Enough [4:09]
Joshua Clover
Poem [2:28]
Julia Connor
At Tommy Dollard’s House [2:05]
Canto for the Birds [4:30]
One February Eve on the Six ‘o Clock News [2:58]
The Visiting Room [2:39]
Nguyen Do
Unlucky Days {Vietnamese/English} [2:14]
Forrest Gander
Background Check [1:41]
Interval [2:58]
Ligature [2:32]
The Night by Jaime Saenz [2:25]
Peter Grandbois
Wait Your Turn [17:04]
Gerald Haslam
Mal de Ojo[12:35]
Brad Henderson
Mr. Yippy I-Oh [1:39]
Secret Cowboy at the Raw Bar [2:19]
Uncle Larry [3:03]
Paul Hoover
“The Smell of Rain” by Hoang Hung [1:35]
Paul Hoover and Nguyen Do
“Untitled [Where do the stairs lead us]” by Hoang Hung {Vietnamese/English} [1:43]
Andy Jones
Functional Family
The Time of the Rubber Duck
Tim Kahl
Yarrow [2:52]
Ohrwurm [4:06]
Jeff Knorr
Lesson in Love and Evolution off of Highway 99 [2:53]
Morning Swim [2:11]
Julia Levine
First Duet [1:43]
After Rain [1:48]
Sandra McPherson
The Fox [3:03]
Indigo Moor
Tinder and Ethos [2:54]
Another Man’s Bed [2:17]
Ander Monson
Spontaneous Essay With No Particular Authorship No. 1 [1:55]
Spontaneous Essay With No Particular Authorship No. 2 [3:28]
Richard Jeffrey Newman
Because [1:04]
The Silence of Men [0:59]
Camille Norton
Aperture [3:26]
Corruption [4:00]
Napoleon’s Boots and Dante’s Body [4:13]
Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox, Babe [3:28]
Chris Ransick
Death Suite
Bin Ramke
The Seven Manners of Loving [3:49]
Barbara Jane Reyes
calle de comidas exóticas [1:47]
The Bamboo’s Insomnia [0:21]
Polyglot Incantation [1:02]
Doug Rice
On the Perils of Metaphor in Pittsburgh
Matthew Schmeer
Victor Schnickelfritz
Wonder [5:15]
Zaid Shlah
Afternoon’s Confession [4:21]
Selections from Taqsim [2:15]
Eleni Sikelianos
Untitled [2:08]
Ricardo Sternberg
Supply and Demand [1:46]
The Pelican in the Wilderness [3:01]
Two Wings [1:04]
Joe Wenderoth
Letters to Wendy’s[5:39]
Alan Williamson
Empty Sky [7:16]
Fantasia on a Medieval Latin Poem [3:09]
Robert Wrigley
About Language [3:11]
Do You Love Me? [1:42]
Kissing a Horse [0:59]
Moonlight: Chickens on the Road[5:04]
Mouth [2:03]
Progress [3:48]
Sweetbreads [3:17]
Stephen Yenser
Helen’s Zen [4:31]
Love Knot [0:38]
Al Young
Brownie Eyes [3:38]
In the Unlikely Event of a Water Landing [4:42]
Lost Passport Blues [2:52]
What You See Isn’t All You Get [6:18]
You Do All This For Love [1:36]