Hot Poetry in the Park featuring CharRon Smith and Marvia Xia || Monday, August 21 @ 7:00 pm || Fremont Park, 16th & Q

Marvin Xia was born in Oklahoma City and raised in Fresno, California, Marvin is a first generation ABC (American Born Chinese). An aspiring writer and relative new comer to the Sac poetry slam community, his vivid and detailed works explore issues regarding self-identity, racial discrimination, and many other social issues.

Touch the Heart

No truer words have ever been spoken in human history than “the way to a man’s heart is
through his stomach”
I’d like to say that I am the exception to this rule, that I can stand firm and not get misty
eyed when I see a nice looking burrito coming my way after a long night of binge drinking,
but that would be a lie
You see, my family came to this country dirt poor, jam packed in a house with ten other
I was a hipster before it was even cool, my fashion sense was all hand-me downs and ill
fitting clothing
I was still playing with an N-64 by the time Play Station and Xbox decided to drop a number
“3” after their names
But where my parents failed in getting me the things other kids got to play with, they
always spoiled me with food
There’s something exhilarating about watching your child stuff their face and know that
they will never be left wanting for more to eat as you’ve had in the past
In a household that emphasized stoicness as a sign of masculinity I never once doubted my
father loved me with all his heart had to give when he handed me a bowl filled to the brim
with steam rice, barbecue pork, and bok choi for dinner
I never once heard the words "I love you" tumble their way awkwardly out my parent’s
mouths, in place of literary devices and metaphors they wove an edible tapestry as a
demonstration of their love for me throughout the years
I’ve been told, that growing up, I used to call my mother horse instead of mom because
“horse and “mom” sound the same in Cantonese and it’s easy to confuse the two when you
don’t speak the language as naturally as others do
But funnily enough any time we went out to eat I could pronounce every dish in our
language that passed right by us with crystal clarity
The only places my parents would ever go out to eat were the restaurants that served the
same cuisine that hailed from their hometown in China
We call it Yum Cha, but a lot of you know it as Dim Sum or “Touch the Heart” in English
And it has done just that – touched the heart
Every hot plate and colorful morsel of food an inheritance of culture, tradition, and love
I can tell you right now that the perfect Chinese Crepe has a soft transparent outer rice
noodle layer that is still able hold the salted beef or shrimp inside, transparent
Transparent just like the love my parents have shown me all my life
Explain to you although soup dumplings are small, you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover
because inside that wonton skin is a thick soup and pork meat combination that
complement one another quite well
Just like how my mother a 4’11 mountain of a woman can not be judged for her small
stature especially after she finished picking her teeth with my father and I’s bones after
chewing us out
Tell you why Custard Bao is delicious because its yellow custard cream filling is a pleasant
surprise and contrast to the outer plain white layer and it is everything that reminds of me
Reminds me that my skin is made of pure 24 Karat gold, worth my weight in value and not
the color yellow as others have claimed in the past
Every time my teeth sinks in and takes a bite I can say with honesty, that my heart is full


CharRon Smith is an MC, DJ, writer, slam poet, spoken word artist, blogger, and a media mogul.
CharRon was a young poet who that started rapping in the late 1980s and became a professional MC and
DJ / producer under the moniker, Resolution. He performed with Washington state rap group, Mr. Know it
All & The Essence Of and the acclaimed alternative funk band, Alphabet Asylum. He also produced music
for several Stockton and Sacramento recording artists. In 2003, He started performing poetry in San Joaquin and Stanislaus County Poetry venues (Anywhere Café, Blackwater Cafe, and Queen Bean Coffee House) and college / universities (San Joaquin Delta College and University of Pacific). Currently, He is a circuit poet / slam poet in Downtown Sacramento poetry scene since 2015. This circuit experience inspired him to create and distribute a monthly zine called Iambic. A guide / Literary magazine to the Sacramento Poetry scene. His first featured Poetry performance, Split Personality, was at Luna’s Café in March 2017. His latest featured performance is called, Pacing Myself, are more concise poems that are included in his themed chapbook.
His website,, curates his works with music, words, and art. His Micro poetry can be
seen on Twitter(@CharRonESmith)

So Close
My life is on the edge.
Testing my stability.
So close.

Seeing the world from a different view.
A nervous twit ignite my fear.
A bead of sweat offset my balance.
A constant blur distract my eyes.

With a cold breath of concern.
All to lose focus
Lose control
Lose my fear
Lose myself

As I creep slowly
My adrenaline is hook
pebbles roll in the abyss
For a closer look.

I am not trying to save myself
I am waiting.
Waiting for the moment
Moment to let go
Go from my past
Past when I was;

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