Past Winners

2009 SPC Poetry Contest Winners

1st: Jeff Whitney
2nd: Kathleen McClung
3rd: Janet McCann

Honorable Mentions:
Lenore Myers
Catherine Fraga
Laura Anderson
Namoi Benaron
Andrena Zawinski
Susan Wolbarst
Cynthia Helen Beecher

2008 SPC Poetry Contest Winners

1st: Susan Wolbarst, Diagnosis
2nd: Sally Wood, Thyme Leaves
3rd: Mary Herrema Giudice, In the Dark Corridors of Northern California

Honorable Mentions:
Sally Wood, Violin Practice
H. Allen Blair, Imprint
Merle Martin, Life: A Ballet
Cynthia Linville, Great-Grandfather
Marilyn Wallner, Free Fall
Nancy Wahl, What Things There Are I Cannot See
Joyce Odam, Silence As Its Own Desire
Red Sliderr, Spirit of the Ground
Renee Marie, Cry Baby
Susan Wolbarst, Black Widow
Lisa A. Jones, Leaves
Ray Hadley, Skipping Stones Across a River