Black History Month Reading: Angela James & Takeitha Buford ||| Mon, Feb 13 @ 7:30 pm ||| SPC 1719 25th St

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Angela James is a local poet and storyteller who has featured many times over the years at a variety of venues. A true performance artist, she weaves music, movement and storytelling into her poetic performances in an eclectic fusion that appeals to all audiences. Angela is a certified multidisciplined teaching artist with Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission. She has been a judge for the California Poetry Out Loud competition and has worked with Poets in the Schools. Several micro grants from SMAC has enabled her to introduce poetry in after-school programs and incorporate it in a storytelling events. Angela’s work has been published in Sacramento City College’s literary magazine, Susuruss and can also be heard on the CD ‘Echo in the Bone’. She is currently working on a collection to be released later this year that chronicles the relationship between a physician and patient. Insomniac So tired Want to sleep But afraid of missing A single stand Of crisscrossed thread So imaginary feet Drag wearily While busy hands Pluck at stray wisps Of a day long gone Tucking them securely Into the night’s net To re-emerge Re-woven On a new day’s dawn.

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