Sacramento Poetry Center
1719 25th St. (25th and R Arts Complex)
Sacramento, CA, 95816

(916) 240-1897

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Board of Directors

SPC Board as of Nov, 2018

Stuart Canton, President
Tim Kahl, VP
Penny Kline, Treasurer
Bob Stanley, Secretary
Bethanie Humphreys, Gallery Coordinator
CharRon Smith
Frank Dixon Graham
Emmanuel Sigauke
James Fox
Dennis Hock
Heather Judy
Jennifer Pickering
Mary Zeppa
Carol Lynn Grellas

Current prospective board member
Laura Rosenthal (hosts MarieWriters once a month, interested in joining at next meeting.)

Current regular volunteers:
Allie Gove, finishing Tule Review 2018
Kate Asche, organizing conference 2019
Leigh Jordan, membership coordinator
Danyen Powell, facilitates Tuesday night workshop at the Hart Center
Christin O’Cuddehy, one of the MarieWriters hosts
Lawrence Dinkins, helps Mary Zeppa host Third Thursdays at the Library
Laura Martin, uses SPC space Thursday nights, also one of the hosts for MarieWriter.

Former board members/selected and Friends of SPC, volunteers:
Phillip Larrea
Linda Collins, May assist next Tule editor
Alex Russell
Indigo Moor, current Poet Laureate
Nancy Gonzalez
Wendy Williams, on leave from board
Samantha Daniels
Sue Daly, organizes Plug into Poetry
Joann Anglin, makes in-kind donations
Susan Kelly-Dewitt