WORD Poetry Festival

Thanks to all who read at the WORD Poetry Festival at the wonderful Guild Theater on November 13. Special thanks to my co-host Terry Moore, the dance group Justice, and the band LSB. It was an honor for me to share the stage with such a talented group: Supanova, Kathleen Lynch, Quinton Duval, Kate Asche, NSAA, Jim Nolt, Danny Romero, Emmanuel Sigauke, Mario Ellis Hill, Brad Buchanan, Anna Marie, Phoenyx Reign, Sam Pierstorff, and of course T Mo himself. WORD did a great job raising money for the Center for Fathers and Families. I’m already looking forward to this event again next year!
— Bob Stanley

Pictures of just a few of the many poets who participated in the five hour Friday night line up of poets at the Guild Theatre. These images represent the poets who read in the last hour.