Frank Andrick

June 2001

Bigger Than The Sky

This hooded character
mysterian in motion
Mary Magdalene,
she who evokes
the effect . . . of a
Proustian Madeleine
and my own Marguerite
of my imagination.
Crucible of mystery and sorrow
who owns a distilled alien radiance
touched by transcendence
mired in the moribund
subject to legend,
like the tomb of Oscar Wilde
stoned angel within the sight of
the lizard king . . . aspiring to Mont Salvat

This is the power of Madeleine
the invisible sister saint
both pleasure seat and mercy seat.
The point of the point
and the portal of creations
I want to die in the same place I was born.

The mystery . . . bigger than the sky.
Gnosis changes everything
the ability to fly.
Thos mystery . . . bigger than the sky.

The Poet is a Thief of Fire

To be a poet
entails more than
the writing of poems.

It demands a commitment
to live and die with great style
and even greater sadness.
To wake up each morning
with the fever raging,
and to know that it can never
be extinguished except by
and yet to be convinced that this suffering,
this sensitivity carries its own unique
reward . . .

I want to be
the Hierophant
of an unapprehended inspiration.

September 1998


Pascal’s need of divine grace
in order to illuminate.
Turning Trinity into equations.
The hollow into holy.
Pursued by his abyss into regions of
aether . . . devoured by space.
His night of fire set the stage . . .
The three became he.
He found himself everywhere
while nowhere at all.
Always at home, thinker and thought.
A cell to console one’s self.